Shop Lafayette Gift Cards!

DO YOU HAVE A “TRY LAFAYETTE” LOCAL SHOPPING GIFT CARD? If so, please be advised… the cards originally issued are no longer working and need to be exchanged.

The cards were originally sold two ways – online and in person, directly from the Chamber.

Cards Purchased Online: Cards purchased online between May 11, 2013 and December 10, 2015 are being replaced automatically and have already been delivered to the address provided by the buyer at the time of purchase. The bank that originally issued the cards is no longer involved. The new issuing bank is CenterState Bank. The replacement card will need to be activated. Please follow the instructions on the card you receive. Your replacement card will be issued with the remaining balance.

Cards Purchased In-Person from the Chamber: If your Lafayette gift card was originally purchased directly from the Chamber, any remaining balance is being reimbursed in cash when you return the card to the Chamber’s offices at 100 Lafayette Circle, #103. We have a list of the card numbers we sold but you can also tell if your card is one of these because it will say “Happy Holidays” or “Try Lafayette First” where the name of the cardholder would normally be.

This gift card program was developed to encourage Lafayette to shop locally and appreciate your support of our local businesses. We are sorry for any inconvenience this situation causes you. If you have any questions, call Jay at 925-294-7404 contact him via email at