Shop Lafayette

2018 Lafayette Restaurant Row Guide

With its tree-lined streets, small town atmosphere, and wide variety of shops, restaurants and specialty stores, shopping in Lafayette is just plain old fun! But shopping locally also means you are supporting local businesses as well as the larger community.

Nearly one third of the city’s budget comes from sales taxes collected in Lafayette, and this money is used to fund street repairs, police services, youth and senior services and so much more. On a dollar basis, this means that approximately 12 percent of every single dollar spent with local businesses ends up staying in the community.

“Shop Lafayette,” a campaign spear-headed by the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, also helps support what has become a thriving and attractive central business district. New restaurants and retail establishments have joined long-time successful businesses in offering unparalleled, yet competitive, dining and shopping experiences. Whether you’ are hunting for a new coat, looking for a gift for someone special, need a haircut, desire a one-of-a-kind painting, or want to book a romantic dinner for two, look first in Lafayette–there’s undoubtedly a business that can fill the bill!

Thank you for supporting local businesses and contributing to a sustainable economy!

Why Should I Shop Lafayette?

  • Local businesses re-circulate money in our community because local merchants patronize other local merchants, creating a stronger tax base for local public services.
  • Local businesses are the largest employer nationwide, hiring primarily local residents including high schoolers and seniors.
  • Local business owners often live in our community and are invested in the community’s future.
  • Local merchants provide better customer service and have a higher level of expertise about their products and services.
  • Local shopping requires less transportation. Because Lafayette merchants are right here in town, residents save on gas and parking and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Local businesses provide the distinctive character and culture our community enjoys, and successful local businesses attract more of the same.
  • Local businesses support local non-profits.

How to get involved…

The headlines over the last year have said it all… “Retail Sales Fall to Lowest Levels in Years”, “Consumer Confidence Low”, “Grim Shopping Season Ahead”, “Unemployment Soars” and “Credit Market Tightens Up” Ouch….

So what can we do here in Lafayette? We can sit on our hands, accept the doom and gloom and perhaps watch some of our favorite merchants go out of business. Please don’t worry about the big box stores on the outskirts of our neighboring towns, as they often thrive in tough economic times. But think about your money leaving town and never coming back. When you buy something out of town or on-line, in most cases, the sales tax will never come back to Lafayette. When you do shop in town, your dollars stay in town. You help keep your downtown alive and vibrant, and the sales tax collected helps pay for roads, police, and the many services we often take for granted.

Well, our “Shop Lafayette” committee did do SOMETHING! We launched our “Try Lafayette First” campaign.

The Goal

Generate bottom line sales for Lafayette merchants through a high-energy, high-profile concentrated campaign.

Call to Action

Educate and motivate residents – When doing my shopping this year, I will pledge to “Try Lafayette First.”

This campaign, dreamed up by our Shop Lafayette Committee Chairman, Dave Simpson, owner of Lafayette Book Store, goes even further. We are asking our residents to actually sign the “pledge.” The pledge also asks shoppers to let merchants know when they are not happy with price, service or selection before they go elsewhere. The merchants are asked to understand that no one is coming to save us and we must collectively work together to help ourselves. Merchants are also encouraged to recommend other local merchants. We want to point out to our community that you can find almost anything you want or need right here in Lafayette.

The Challenge

We have asked merchants, business owners and residents of Lafayette to take the “Pledge” and “Try Lafayette First.” This is an investment in our community and our future. Remember it is these very merchants that provide all the auction items and raffle prizes for your school fundraisers and community events. They have supported you! This is your chance to say thank you and support them as they try to navigate through perhaps the toughest economic times of their careers.