Advertise With The Chamber


Weekly Email Blast Advertising:

Email Blast Sponsorship Ads –  your ad is placed in the weekly email blast which is sent to over 1200 subscribers.  Your ad must be submitted as a .jpg in horizontal layout or you can submit words that will fit in the area designated for the sponsor ad.  Submit your ad .jpg OR ad text to by the 20th of the month prior to the month you want to be the Email Blast sponsor. We will link the sponsor ad to your website. The cost is $100 per month and we provide at least 4 email blasts with your ad.


Newsletter Advertising Opportunities:

The Chamber prints a newsletter 6 times per year and it is mailed to over 725 subscribers.  There are 2 ways to advertise in the Newsletter:

Business Card Ad – insert a business card ad in the printed Newsletter.  The cost is $50 per issue.  If you advertise for three issues there is a 10% discount.  Submit your business card to us. Business card must be received by the Chamber either by mail or by email in a .jpg format by the deadline noted below. (Maximum 6 business card ads per issue). See sample of ad below:


Flyers – 8-1/2” x 11” flyers can be inserted in the Newsletter. Flyers can be doubled-sided, with a maximum paper weight of 24 lb. You provide us with 750 flyers.  The cost is $75 per flyer ($50 for non-profits).  Flyers must be received by the Chamber by the deadline dates noted below.


We publish the printed newsletter in the following months. Please provide your ad or insert by the deadline date.

Month’s Published                           Deadline Date
Jan/Feb (2 months combined)           Dec. 12
March/April (2 months combined)      Feb. 15
May/June/July (3 months combined) April 15
Aug (1 month only)                            July 15
Sept/Oct (2 months combined)          Aug. 15
Nov/Sept (2 months combined)         Oct. 15

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