LASF Update on Fundraising Shortfall


Just before Winter break, the Lafayette Arts and Science Foundation announced that it was $500,000 short of its fundraising goal for the year. Since then, the gap has narrowed to $350,000. This is encouraging, but the remaining shortfall represents a breathtaking 24% of LASF’s total budget. The progress this past month is due mostly to the extraordinary action of parents who understand that a shortfall will result in either spending cuts this school year or a greater deficit in next year’s school budget, depending on how the School Boards choose to manage it. Neither scenario is attractive.

Why does LASF have a shortfall? There are two reasons:

  • Only half of 3,168 K-12 families have made a donation this year; and
  • Some families, understandably, have donated less than in the past.

What can be done?

  • Families & Businesses who have already given can donate more.

Please consider making a donation to LASF here: